Scott Boatner Ministries International, Inc. is a qualified 501C3 organization, and was founded by Scott & Kari Boatner for the primary purpose of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the Earth.  Here is where the journey began…
Scott & Kari began their journey together on August 15th,1981 when they were joined together in holy matrimony.    What happened next is truly what turned their lives in a completely different direction, changing their destiny and purpose in life forever!  On January 31st, 1982, Scott heard the voice of the Spirit of God calling him to salvation.  “I can remember it just like it was yesterday!  I heard the Lord’s voice as clear as day saying, ‘I want you to get saved.  I’ve got something I want you to do.’  I’ll never forget it!”, says Scott! 
That day, he accepted Jesus Christ into his heart as Savior and Lord!  Then, no sooner than he had been saved, he heard the Lord’s voice speak again, “Your wife’s not saved.”. Immediately Scott began a 21 day season of prayer and periodic fasting until, on February 21st, 1982, Kari accepted Christ into her heart as well! Scott & Kari were so excited about what the Lord was doing in their lives! 
As the months passed, they grew in grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus and the Bible, and on September 9th, 1982, Scott surrendered to be a preacher of the Gospel.
When he surrendered to the ministry, he made a covenant with God that he would believe and expect Him to open doors.  An astonishing thing happened, because in the next 12 months, the Lord did indeed open doors, and Scott preached at least 250 times that year in a combination of churches, special meetings, revivals, radio programs, conferences, and camp meetings!  Since then, he has traveled extensively with invitations to preach in as many diverse places as is the body of Christ, from every sector of the Baptist church, to Assembly of God, Church of God, Pentecostal, Charismatic, non-denominational, inter-denominational, you name it!
Scott has and will always preach whenever and wherever the door is open, and God has truly blessed his ministry and touched countless thousands of lives due to his willingness to do so!  Scott also continues to travel and preach the gospel unto the uttermost parts of the earth.



We bless you in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!