Every generation needs good leadership if they are to reach their maximum potential, and occasionally the Lord shall grace our presence with such a leader! Such is the case with Pastor Scott! A man with a passion for Christ and a zeal for the spiritual development and growth of the church, this man of God is nothing short of a vessel fit for the Master’s use to this very end. His message is both informative and challenging! You will not be under Pastor Scott’s preaching and teaching very long without being stretched and realizing the need to make adjustments that will ensure a more successful journey of faith! A man who has been happily married since August 15th, 1981, a man who has raised two boys who are both successful in their careers and their walks with God, and a man who has built a very successful business from scratch, Pastor Scott not only realizes where his blessings come from, but is willing and able to share with others the keys to success that God has taught him over the years.

We’re sure that you’ll be blessed by Pastor Scott’s winning personality and his compassionate heart, as he takes head-on the tough issues that the body of Christ are struggling with, such as marital problems, family problems, financial problems, health problems, emotional problems, mental problems, social problems, and yes, even religious problems! A man with a vast scope of understanding, and yet a simple style of teaching, Pastor Scott is able to “tell it like it is” and “put it in your language” where you can understand it! This is one of the reasons for Pastor Scott’s success in ministry; his ability to connect with people in their language! Pastor Scott “keeps it real” as he now pastors a church that has reached their maximum seating capacity each Sunday morning. We feel that the best is yet to come for Pastor Scott, as his vision is leading the body of Christ into uncharted territory, crossing boundaries through open doors that previously have never been opened! As any real prophet of God would do, Pastor Scott wishes above all else that the saving, delivering, healing, restoring power of Christ be made known to and experienced by as many people as God would allow him to reach, as he continues to lift up Christ to a lost and dying world!

Scott Boatner pastors a church in Philadelphia, Mississippi known as God’s House.

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