Kari Boatner

As the old addage goes, “Behind every good man is a good woman!”. That’s definately the case here! Kari has not only been loyal and supportive of Bro. Scott, but in Scott’s own words he says, “I couldn’t have made it this far without her!”. Kari has always had a very keen sense of awareness concerning the spiritual direction of her and her husband’s family, ministry and business affairs, and the Lord has always enabled both Scott and Kari to be “on the same page” when it comes to listening to His voice and following His leadership in their lives. Scott has truly been blessed with a lady of God who is so sensitive to His voice and readily positioned to follow His leadership wherever He might lead the Boatner family!

Kari has a big heart with lots of love and laughter for all who have been privileged to be blessed by her sweet personality and her love for Jesus! If you ever get a chance to meet her, you’ll never forget her! As the church members who attend her Wednesday night Bible studies would agree, Kari has a very unique and powerful way of communicating the love and grace of God through her own personal experiences combined with her wealth of Biblical knowledge!

One of the most admirable qualities you will learn to appreciate about Kari is the intense dedication she has in ministering to her family! She has accomplished what few parents can say they’ve done, in that she has helped successfully raise two Godly boys who love Jesus, in part because of the example she’s set for them, along with the instruction she’s given them through the Word of God!

Today, her impact reaches far beyond the walls of her home, as her boys whom she helped raised to be men, and the man whom she loves and who supported her in this endeavor, find themselves in key positions and leading roles in their respective places of home, business, and ministry! Scott, Matthew, and Micah will continue to impact their world with a great deal of support and influence from Kari’s past and continuing ministry of aiding them to their success, and in so doing realizing her own!

One can only hope that others in Kari’s realm of influence (be it friends, family, or ladies who attend her Bible studies) will “catch the fever” that she possesses of serving God and family with a spirit of excellence and joy! Such an event could only advance the Kingdom of God and leave lasting, eternal implications for generations to come!


Kari Boatner

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