As a result of sermons being posted on the internet, God made a Divine connection with the southeastern jungles of India, a place that time seems to have forgotten!  To make a long story short, by faith Bro. Scott flew to India in 2012 and began to preach.  While there, he ordained over 30 ministers into the ministry, and witnessed several thousand accepting Christ as their Savior during their evangelistic crusades. 

Now, the ministry has grown to 15 churches with an orphanage (called “The Home of Kari”, named after Bro. Scott’s wife, Kari Boatner) doing a tremendous work reaching many many children who would otherwise have no other means by which to take care of themselves.    This ministry also feeds the hungry, cloths the naked, ministers to leper colonies, takes care of widows, and of course preaches the Gospel, because there are 500 MILLION people in India alone who have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

In the Bible, the apostle Paul referred to these areas as “regions beyond”, so when Bro. Scott came to preach to them, these wonderful people reverently referred to him as an apostle/prophet, recognizing the significance of the journey that was made to reach them!

Below are some photos for your viewing.  As you look at these, please join with us in prayer that the Gospel will continue to spread until all of India is saved!

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We bless you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!